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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dandelion - Backyard Macro Photography

Dandelion | Backyard Macro Photography | Greenville | SC

Nikon D90 | f/9 | 1/60 sec | ISO 500 | 50 mm Nikkor Lens | Opteka HD II Macro Lens Attachment

Friday, February 29, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful

6:05 a.m.

A Beautiful New Girl Comes Into Our World

Seems we were a bit too late getting to the hospital. We made it, and our daughter was born without incident. However, there were no drugs....“It’s like grappling hooks pulling your insides out.”

Reese Crawford | Wednesday, February 06, 2008 | 3:23am | 6lbs. 10oz. | 18.5 in | All is Well

~More Later~

11:52 a.m.

I've seen a person experience something that I must claim, simply as an observer, as probably one of the greatest physical pains imaginable. It was my wife, and it made me cry.

I've also experienced, as a participant this time, one of the greatest moments of joy that life can offer. It, too, made me cry.

I've sent and/or received no less than 20 texts, 15 phone calls, 9 emails, and extensive and brief IM conversations. I've posted to my blog twice with text and a photo slide show and have entertained numerous visitors.

I've shot 50 photos, 45 minutes of video, and conducted a business conversation over instant messenger.

I've been awake for 30 hours.

So what, right? Nothing, really. However, right now my wife and new daughter are sleeping soundly. My new Big Sister has already made an appearance and is now playing with friends. All are happy and healthy. As such, my adventures du jour are nothing more than a pebble in my shoe.

God has protected us on this day.

~More Later~


02.07.08 - 12:30p

Baby Watch 2008 Part II: Reality, Firsts, and Trusting That Feeling

I spent the night at home with Big Sister, which made me feel like a little funky. The reality of the situation is that momma and I are trying to keep Big Sister on a normal schedule. This, to the dismay of Big Sister, does not include skipping the school for the rest of the week.

That funky feeling comes as a result of leaving momma and Little Sister alone. Everyone knows that they would both vaporize without the presence of the protector and provider, Big Daddy.

Yep. Sure enough. Yep. They sure would. Yep.

Okay, I know that they are probably 2.754 quadrillion times safer surrounded by 24/7 healthcare professionals specifically trained to take care of such people during such a time.

I just want to be there, that’s all.

I added Little Sister folder into the Family Photo Archive last night. That excited me. I quickly realized, after perusing the entire digital photo folio, I will soon need to reserve a small alcove within my home for the storage of hard drives. At current count, I have approximately 10,000 digital photos, half of which are of Big Sister.

The other first came this morning. I wrote an excused absence note, a legitimate one (for once), because Big Sister missed school yesterday. When was it that I became an adult?

~Epstein’s Mother

That Little Feeling
That little feeling; you know the one I’m talking about. Christians might refer to it as The Holy Spirit. It’s often called intuition, instinct, or maybe a sixth sense. Patti and I hadn’t talked about it but it turns out we were both feeling it.

In discussions previous, we decided that momma would have a tubal ligation (tubaligation?) right after Little Sister was born. The doc said it could be done quickly and easily and that he would simply leave the epidural in after birth so the procedure could be completed that day or the next.

Easy enough. Done and done!

Well, there was no epidural. As such, momma would be put to sleep under general anesthesia, would not be allowed food or drink for eight hours before surgery and be put on a when-we-get-to-you elective surgery list. We agreed, and she began fasting immediately because they said she would be first on the list that morning. Keep in mind that she had just given birth naturally, with no drugs, and she wasn’t allowed any water or food until after her 7am procedure.

That procedure was moved to 11am, and then to “later afternoon”, and then to “it might have to be tomorrow.” She opted for the “tomorrow” option immediately, about 12 hours after giving birth. Had my arm been a chicken wing and my blood, water, she wouldn’t have given me even the slightest of second chances.

Only then did we begin to speak of “that little feeling”. Long story a little less long, she…we…decided to opt out of the surgery completely. We’re not sure why, and we have no intention on having additonal children. We decided that the Holy Spirit was directing both of us through “that little feeling” and a series of “circumstance” that could not be ignored. We went with it.

Friday, July 27, 2007

A Seemingly Strange Request

Bamn! It’s just been kicked up three notches. No, not a spice-injected fried turkey or zesty meatballs, my life. Although, metaphors for the first two could probably be fashioned.

My lovely wife is pregnant and feeling it hardcore. Must have something to do with her pregnancy category, that of advanced maternal age so says the physicians general. Then there is the fact that today, July 27, 2007, is her last day of work. She starts a new job on Monday.

In addition, I’ve just returned from my 20-year class reunion. This is where I figured out that I’m finally too old to hang out with the boys for four days in a row. They’re too old also. It didn’t stop us; the after effects just tend to linger longer.

I saw on several accidents my 9-hour drive home. Being in a sentimental state of mind, I started thinking about all of the lives affected by such tragic events. Will those people live or die? Will they be brain damaged or have a full recovery? Do any of the accident victims have a pregnant wife?

Any of those accidents could have involved me. Who knows, really, if or when it might happen? It’s not something about which that I concern myself by thinking. However, the question that I pondered most was that of memory. Will the victims remember what happened?

I want to know, so I’m going on record right now with a request. Should something –anything- tragic happen that leaves me unconscious or unresponsive in a hospital, I want my friends and/or family to document everything. I want photos. I want video. I want interviews with family and friends during the process. I want tears and stories and laughs. I want physician progress reports to the family video taped. I want a video camera by my bed so that any visitor can pick it up at any time and document what’s happening.

If rehab is involved, shoot it. If I have convulsions, shoot it. If I’m drooling all over myself, shoot it. Interview my friends and family at my bedside, in the waiting room, or taking a smoke break. Do not ponder any questions of integrity or morality or scruples. If you have such discussions, shoot those too, but do not haggle over what seems right or wrong. It’s my life, and I give you unwavering and unquestionable permission to document any and all progress (or lack thereof) and/or state of being.

The only person who can request that you stop documenting is my wife; not my mother, my brother, or anyone else, and only if you, the shooter, believe it’s detrimental to her present well being. The next day, start shooting again.

Should I die, give all documentation to my brother, first, or my wife, second. My eldest child, at the appropriate age, should be given possession of the documentation to do with as she/he pleases. Should my wife want possession, all documentation can be given to her with a promise that she doesn’t destroy it.

Why? That’s easy. When I recover, I want to know what happened. I want to see what I looked like, sounded like, acted like. I want to use my experience to help others, if possible. Memories during such emotional states are simply unreliable. Videos and/or photos don’t have such issues.

Yes, I know, it seems like a morbid, slightly strange request. The funny thing is, I’m in a great mood. So many positive things are happing in my life that I can’t even begin to explain. However, I can’t seem to get these thoughts out of my head.

A good portion of my life revolves around documentation. It’s my gift. My documentations of the lives of others could easily tell a significant portion of my life story. So it only stands to reason that when I can’t document what could possibly be a major hitch in my stride, should it ever happen, I need my family and friends to do it for me. It would be the greatest of favors.